WOO-HOO! Mayfield Lake: May 14th and June 25th. Merwin Reservoir: August 20th and Sept. 17th.  MEMBERS ONLY.  Support Your Fishery!

All 4 tigers caught May 6th! Come on out to the lake tomorrow (May 14)  and give it a try. Would you look at those tails & fins. Beautiful!

1st MUSKIE TOURNEY of 2016! :         May 14, Saturday @ MAYFIELD LAKE


It’s finally here: The season opener!
Mayfield TIGER MUSKIE Tournament
May 14th, Saturday at the Mayfield County Park on Beach Drive.
Members Only Tourney – but you can join that morning.
From Tournament Directors Mike and Dan Fuller:

Meet @ 5:30-6:00 A.M. at County Park Launch (180 Beach Drive, Mossyrock)

Launch around 6:15 (Sunrise is 5:32) Ends est. 2-3PM ..TBA
$20 entry fee per angler.
$10 Big Fish Calcutta (Optional)
Good, big launch; porta potties.
Bring $5.00 for parking.

Contest Banners for your motor cowling are WDFW required. (See one in photo, below). They are $25 from Auburn Sports and they come in 4 sizes.

The Chapter MIGHT have a few 4 sale @ the launch if you forget yours. Email Dan at   to confirm that.

Measuring sticks will be provided.



If you have had your boat in waters OUTSIDE of Washington,

you will need to read and follow these instructions.

Be thorough in sanitizing your boat. No one wants those invasive zebra mussels in our waters.



This is a great bunch of anglers - easy going and fun - yet dedicated to the
tiger hunt. Come join us!

There is talk of a potluck afterwards (of course!) email here for more info.


Contest Banner on engine cowling for Tournaments, as required by WDFW. (Now, where have I seen that hat before....)
2009 Chapter President Buddy Hartman with Trophy winner Mike Floyd. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY! (May 4) Current President Mike Floyd will be awarding 3 of these BIG Trophies at the Mayfield Tourney on May 14, 2016!.

First Muskies for 2016!

TIGER MUSKIE SIGNS - coming soon!

No really. LOL. Pete is our inspiration. Goal: end of May!

MUSKIES, INC. Celebrates 50 Years!

Muskies, Inc. 50 Year Celebration Notes from National President, Carl Phillips
Adobe Acrobat document [12.6 KB]

JOHN FLOYD wins Merwin Tourney with a Personal Best of 47.5 inches! 8/29/15

Tiger Muskie angler John Floyd, wins the August Merwin Tourney with his Personal Best: a NICE 47.5 incher!

Proud Dad Mike also put a 30+ incher in the net. As did Mike Fuller. We opened the Tourney at Speelyai Bay, with a nod to Pete Bergman,  by throwing flowers out into the lake as Mike Haw softly trolled out into open water. It was beautiful. Said a few prayers and different boats went to different parts of the lake to throw rememberances of Pete, too. The flowers stayed afloat all day. Nice. We all thought he was checking out the fish, below. Some saw a water funnel trying to form later, by Cresap. Spooky wind all day, with mighty gusts in the PM.

Had a great time at Lone Fir Resort later that night around the campfire. Nice to have the shelter with the heavy rains. Even Tammy & Kelsey found a cabin after being "homeless". Good Memories.

We lost one of our best anglers on June 13th. Pete Bergman left us suddenly, after a full day on the water. He is greatly missed. See the top left column for more info. The entire back page of the SEPT. 2015 MUSKIE magazine is dedicated to Pete.

Congratulations to Mike Floyd, Chapter #57: On July 10th, he logged his 400th MUSKIE on the Muskies, Inc. Fish Log. WTG, Mike!

He's been busy lately, too: A 13-fish day on Merwin and a 4-fish day on Tapps in a downpour of rain 8.14.

Tigers in the net for 2015:

We have slime in the net!   Congrats, to all! (click photos to enlarge) If there are more members fish to post -- send to me here!


June & July:


June 13, 2015 Mayfield Tourney was won by Dan Fuller with 2 fish: 42" & 45" (87" total) and 2nd place went to Kelly Reichner with a 37" tiger. 

Click photos to enlarge & see captions..

1st 2015 Tourney: Mayfield Lake, Saturday, May 16: 18 Tenacious Anglers


Good Times, Good Fish, 18 tenacious anglers. The "fish of 10,000 casts (as the muskie is called) tested the merit of some of Western Washingtons best esox anglers on Saturday. Water temp 55, air temp 55-58. Light mist, overcast. Lots of baby tiger (12+ inches) still hanging around from the May 5th stocking of the lake. Tough fishing conditions are nothing new to this group. "The next cast, is the best one".

Winner: Newcomer Kelly Reichner from Oregon with a 30" and a 33"=63". WTG, Kelly and Dan.

2nd Place & BIG FISH goes to Pete Bergman, with a nice 39 incher.

There was no 3rd place win, so, as is our custom, we raffled off the pot for 3rd place, won by one of the NEB (North End Boys) Bryant Peterson.

Great to see all the old faces and some new ones, too. Good turnout, lots of great camaraderie and Special Thanks to Pete Bergman for the stunning wooden sign of a 57inch (of course) tiger donated to Muskie Meadows.

Remember to Thank your dynamic Tournament Directors, Mike & Dan Fuller. It takes early planning, attention to details and careful money managing and they both do it all flawlessly. We are lucky to have them. THANKS Dan & Mike!

AND....Those new Muskies, Inc. shirts and Hoodies look sharp, men! Want one? Scroll down the front page of website.

Looking forward to the next Tourney, June 13 --- also on Mayfield.  RE-PETE!

Click photos to enlarge & see captions..


MIKE FLOYD: ANGLER OF THE YEAR - with 64 (!) fish and 2,384 inches.


DAN FULLER: TOURNAMENT CHAMPION 188.5 inches of fish from only Tournaments!


Congratulations to our top anglers for 2014! And to everyone who caught even one tiger muskie: They are not easy girls to put in the net; congrats, all. Awards Presented 4/11/2015.

President Brett Olson and Angler of the Year, Mike Floyd, put on a Tiger Muskie Seminar at Sportsman's Warehouse Federal Way in April.



SHIRTS ARE AVAILABLE NOW! (See some of the guys in their shirts in photos, above)

Order yours now, from Muskies, Inc.

Add your first name on front, last name on the back. The NW TIGER PAC logo is already on file with the shirt company. Be CH#57 proud this summer - fly the colors and catch more fish!


(custom shirt can take up to 4 weeks to process)



Check out some NW Tiger Muskies!

To enlarge photos, click on the 2nd button from the right, below the photo, then click on arrow to the far right. To restart video, click on arrow to the far right.

New Muskie Log: as of 12/2/14. New Chapter Record: 131 Tigers for the Year, and 755 fish since it's start in April, 2007

<< Click on MUSKIE LOGS to the left

New Muskies, Inc. Video! 

Since 1966. First to promote Catch & Release. Join Today! 

 Sept. 17, 2011: 50 inch Tiger Muskie caught & released at Curlew Lake. Still the biggest Tiger released by a Muskies, Inc. Member in WA. (as of 1/1/2015)

Congrats to Muskies, Inc. Spokane Chapter # 60 Member, Chris Gaddes!

.......... a 50 INCH TIGER!!........

Do You Know the Difference Bewteen a Muskie and a Pike? Check this out:

Adobe Acrobat document [264.8 KB]

      The goals of the Chapter are to promote Tiger Muskie Fishing in the great Northwest, provide information and services to tiger muskie anglers, promote Catch, Photo and Release (CPR) where it is appropriate and to provide information to other groups about the benefits of having the sterile Tiger Muskie in Northwest lakes, as well as the proper way to handle a muskie if one is caught.

     Muskies, Inc. is a National organization, started in 1966 in Minnesota. We are their 57th Chapter. We, like them, are a non-profit 501c3 and our Chapter was started in May of 2007.

                       We were the 1st Chapter in WA. And now we have been joined by yet another fine M.I. Chapter: #60 in Spokane; the Mountain Muskies.  

 For more info, visit their website at 

2012 Chapter #57 Past President, Norm Dillon, presents a $1,500 check to Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, Warmwater Program Manager, Bruce Bolding.

As of 2012, Chapter #57 has raised $16,000.00 to support the Tiger Muskie Program.