Mike Crisanti Jr., from Arizona, fished Tigers at Merwin during a month-long camp, where he 1st met Pete. This is his Tribute.
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It is with a saddened heart that Chapter #57, of Muskies, Inc. must announce the loss of one of our top award winning anglers and dear friend.


Pete Bergman, passed away suddenly on Saturday, June 13, 2015 at the age of 51. 


We had fished that day with Pete, as we often did, being NW TIGER PAC members and some of his “water-dog” friends.  We had a great shore-lunch, laughed and had some great conversation about muskies etc…  it made us all smile as if that day would never end… it was just another one of those beautiful days made for fishing and to share some time with  friends.


I can personally say that Pete will be missed by all at Chapter 57.  I already know that we  will think about him often and he will be remembered for the person he was.  Pete was not only a great angler but was always willing to take the time to “help-out” the Chapter or take another angler out in his boat with him and “show them the ropes”.  Pete was extremely passionate about his muskies, surfing and the craft of woodworking. 


Pete had the soul of an artist; he enjoyed making things with his hands that brought joy to others. He loved to make muskie lures and spend all day on the water with his many-time fishing partner, Brett Olson and together they would find ways to continually make these lures better and better, and yes, even “more better” than that! ;)


Pete loved the tiger muskie… a fish of “10,000 casts” the legends say… Well Pete, you were a great angler of pure heart and loving soul.  I know we will continue to carry those precious memories of you with us each day as we cast our thoughts and prayers out to you, knowing that you will hear them as they gently ripple across the universe to you… You know you will always have a “seat” here amongst us anytime..…  It would be an honor my friend.... Perry

From Webmaster: I apologize for the delay in posting this - we have been at the lake with no internet & just returned today, June 21st. It is a heavy loss; he called me  Muskie Momma when he would ring up ...and he was so good at staying in touch with all of us, yes? Bingen, NW TIGER PAC, Hawaii... God's speed, Pete. ♥  Jani


If you want to send a comment to his Mom, Jordie & you don't have or use facebook, send me an email at c57sec@nwtigermuskies.org and I will pass them on to her.

June 13, 2015 Mayfield Tourney was won by Dan Fuller with 2 fish and 2nd place went to Kelly Reichner with 1 tiger. Size of fish will follow. 

1st 2015 Tourney: Mayfield Lake, Saturday, May 16: 18 Tenacious Anglers


Good Times, Good Fish, 18 tenacious anglers. The "fish of 10,000 casts (as the muskie is called) tested the merit of some of Western Washingtons best esox anglers on Saturday. Water temp 55, air temp 55-58. Light mist, overcast. Lots of baby tiger (12+ inches) still hanging around from the May 5th stocking of the lake. Tough fishing conditions are nothing new to this group. "The next cast, is the best one".

Winner: Newcomer Kelly Reichner from Oregon with a 30" and a 33"=63". WTG, Kelly and Dan.

2nd Place & BIG FISH goes to Pete Bergman, with a nice 39 incher.

There was no 3rd place win, so, as is our custom, we raffled off the pot for 3rd place, won by one of the NEB (North End Boys) Bryant Peterson.

Great to see all the old faces and some new ones, too. Good turnout, lots of great camaraderie and Special Thanks to Pete Bergman for the stunning wooden sign of a 57inch (of course) tiger donated to Muskie Meadows.

Remember to Thank your dynamic Tournament Directors, Mike & Dan Fuller. It takes early planning, attention to details and careful money managing and they both do it all flawlessly. We are lucky to have them. THANKS Dan & Mike!

AND....Those new Muskies, Inc. shirts and Hoodies look sharp, men! Want one? Scroll down the front page of website.

Looking forward to the next Tourney, June 13 --- also on Mayfield.  RE-PETE!

Click photos to enlarge & see captions..

There are Tigers in the net for 2015!

We have slime in the net for APRIL and MAY - 2015! Mike Floyd,   Pete Bergman, Kelly Reichner & Oliver Signs have Caught & Released Tigers.  Congrats, to all! (click photos to enlarge) If there are more members fish to post -- send them in to me!


MIKE FLOYD: ANGLER OF THE YEAR - with 64 (!) fish and 2,384 inches.


DAN FULLER: TOURNAMENT CHAMPION 188.5 inches of fish from only Tournaments!


Congratulations to our top anglers for 2014! And to everyone who caught even one tiger muskie: They are not easy girls to put in the net; congrats, all. Awards Presented 4/11/2015.

President Brett Olson and Angler of the Year, Mike Floyd, put on a Tiger Muskie Seminar at Sportsman's Warehouse Federal Way in April.



SHIRTS ARE AVAILABLE NOW! (See some of the guys in their shirts in photos, above)

Order yours now, from Muskies, Inc.

Add your first name on front, last name on the back. The NW TIGER PAC logo is already on file with the shirt company. Be CH#57 proud this summer - fly the colors and catch more fish!


(custom shirt can take up to 4 weeks to process)



So that means you can bring your friends, family, co-workers, out-of-town guests and anyone who wants to wet a line and try for the elusive esox.


Well, almost all Tournies; the Annual Curlew Lake Esoxaganza is still a M.I. Only Tourney. That's the friendly Challunge betweem Chapter #57 and Chapter #60; it's a wet side/dry side thing. With the Golden Bucket as the coveted prize. But it's all in fun. No, really :O).




Check out some NW Tiger Muskies!

To enlarge photos, click on the 2nd button from the right, below the photo, then click on arrow to the far right. To restart video, click on arrow to the far right.

New Muskie Log: as of 12/2/14. New Chapter Record: 131 Tigers for the Year, and 755 fish since it's start in April, 2007

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 Sept. 17, 2011: 50 inch Tiger Muskie caught & released at Curlew Lake. Still the biggest Tiger released by a Muskies, Inc. Member in WA. (as of 1/1/2015)

Congrats to Muskies, Inc. Spokane Chapter # 60 Member, Chris Gaddes!

.......... a 50 INCH TIGER!!........

Do You Know the Difference Bewteen a Muskie and a Pike? Check this out:

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      The goals of the Chapter are to promote Tiger Muskie Fishing in the great Northwest, provide information and services to tiger muskie anglers, promote Catch, Photo and Release (CPR) where it is appropriate and to provide information to other groups about the benefits of having the sterile Tiger Muskie in Northwest lakes, as well as the proper way to handle a muskie if one is caught.

     Muskies, Inc. is a National organization, started in 1966 in Minnesota. We are their 57th Chapter. We, like them, are a non-profit 501c3 and our Chapter was started in May of 2007.

                       We were the 1st Chapter in WA. And now we have been joined by yet another fine M.I. Chapter: #60 in Spokane; the Mountain Muskies.  

 For more info, visit their website at www.mountainmuskies.com 

2012 Chapter #57 Past President, Norm Dillon, presents a $1,500 check to Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, Warmwater Program Manager, Bruce Bolding.

As of 2012, Chapter #57 has raised $16,000.00 to support the Tiger Muskie Program.