Past M.I. Member David Hickman from Tri-Cities, has captured the record for biggest tiger in Washington State. July 26, 2014 @ Curlew Lake. 50.5 inches and 37.88 lbs. Dave has been a dedicated tiger muskie angler for many years and has thrown his share of those 10,000 casts they say it takes to catch one. Not to mention a behemoth like this one. Congratulations, Dave, for a lifetime trophy.


Click here for the full article from NW Sportsman Magazine

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Payout Schedule 2014 open.pdf
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50 NEW TIGER PHOTOS... see below ▼▼...Next Members Only Tourney: AUGUST 23 on Lake Tapps!!...  Next Chapter Meeting: AUG. 21st!!


More 2014 Tiger Photos ... click to enlarge any photo...

Pete Bergman had another busy weekend on Aug. 16 & 17. Check out his success on Merwin:  WTG, Pete!

Scott Boxman says: "We" (Scott, Bryant Peterson and Oliver Signs) caught these 2 tigers": a 42" and a 41.5 on Mayfiled. Aug. 12 Congrats all!

Mike Floyd just had another great 2 days on Merwin on Aug. 8th & 9th: 7 Tigers! Ranging from 33" to 46.25", with 4 over 40"......40.25, 43.5, 45 and 46.25. Congrats, Mike!  ▼▼▼

M.I. Member from New York,  Mike Crisanti Jr.,  with a 40 incher. Mike has been fishing Merwin and Mayfield steady the last few weeks and likes our NW Tigers! He has more photos coming, too: a 43" and his personal best: a 45.5 x 21 from Merwin. He is the newest CH. #57 Member, too! 

◄ Veteran Tiger angler, Brett Olson, with a nice 40 incher!

(Scroll down the website for some of Brett's fine camera work, too).

◄ Mayfield Lake authority, Jack Tipping,  with a 43 incher in July!

▼ Mike Floyd had another two busy days in late July: Tigers ranged in size from  31.5 to 40.25 inches. That’s a little 31.5” in the net. He had 17 bites on that Friday and says he missed a ton of fish. They are out there!! ▼

Pete Bergman has been busy! Some captions have details... ▼

◄ Mike Floyd, July 12th

Mike Floyd: 45.25", 46.75", 35.0" and 35.25" that order. (Late June) ▼

Some nice camera shots from Brett Olson.  ▼ Click to enlarge. Esp. the 1st .

Mike Floyd. 41.75 on Mayfield

Mike Floyd had a 7- fish day on Mayfield in June! ▼

Brett Olson, Mike Floyd and Pete Berman all caught & released Tigers earlier this spring, 2014. ▼

TIGER MUSKIE TOURNAMENT:     Mayfield Lake, July 12, Saturday

CHAPTER #57, Muskies, Inc.  Tourney:

Beautiful summer day on the most stunning tiger muskie lake in Lewis County. (!) All agreed to come off the water by 14:00 because of heat. As uncomfortable as it may be for the anglers, it can be downright dangerous for tiger muskies. Especially the big girls. And the top 3 spots went to some great fish.


1st place to Pete Bergman with a magnificent 48 inch tiger muskie.

2nd Place to Mike Floyd, with a hefty 43.5 incher  and

3rd Place to Dan Fuller with a 41.5 beauty.


Afterwards we had a big camp-out for all & enjoyed a great potluck (Terriffic Brats, Miles) from many generous anglers and REALLY enjoyed the Super Moon as the day cooled off.

Other than a few "bumps in the night"...  a good time was had by all.

(Waiting for 3rd place fish photos).

 Tiger Muskie Plants for 2014

Lake Tapps 1300  

Evergreen Reservoir 300

Mayfield 1400

Merwin Reservoir 2175

Silver 300

Newman 720

Curlew Lake 250

New Muskies, Inc. Video! 

Since 1966. First to promote Catch & Release. Join Today! 

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Click on the PDF, below, for President's Miles very funny Chapter Report for March/April.

Go to PAGE 30. (Big file - takes a min. to load)

March/April MUSKIE Magazine
Adobe Acrobat document [12.1 MB]

..............50 INCH TIGER ! ...................

Sept. 17, 2011: 50 inch Tiger Muskie caught and released at Curlew Lake. Biggest Tiger by any Muskies, Inc. Member in WA. Congrats to Muskies, Inc. Spokane Chapter #60 Member, Chris Gades. 


Do You Know the Difference Bewteen a Muskie and a Pike? Check this out:

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      The goals of the Chapter are to promote Tiger Muskie Fishing in the great Northwest, provide information and services to tiger muskie anglers, promote Catch, Photo and Release (CPR) where it is appropriate and to provide information to other groups about the benefits of having the sterile Tiger Muskie in Northwest lakes, as well as the proper way to handle a muskie if one is caught.

     Muskies, Inc. is a National organization, started in 1966 in Minnesota. We are their 57th Chapter. We, like them, are a non-profit 501c3 and our Chapter was started in May of 2007. We are the 1st Chapter in WA., and now we have been joined by yet another fine M.I. Chapter: #60 in Spokane; the Mountain Muskies.  

Chapter #57 Past President, Norm Dillon, presents a $1,500 check to Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, Warmwater Program Manager, Bruce Bolding.

As of 2012, Chapter #57 has raised $16,000.00 to support the Tiger Muskie Program.



We are happy to advertise for the newest Muskies, Inc. Chapter in Washington:

Chapter #60 – Spokane, WA!


 For more info, visit their website at