NEXT TOURNAMENT: Merwin Reservoir,              September 28, 2019.

Members Only Tourney – but you can join as late as that morning.

From Tournament Directors Mike and Dan Fuller:

Meet @ 7:10 - 7:30 A.M. at Speelyai Bay Launch

Launch at 7:30 A.M.  (Sunrise is 7:05) Ends 3:00 P.M. 
$20 entry fee per angler.
$10 Big Fish Calcutta (Optional)
Good, big launch; porta potties.
Bring $5.00 for parking.
WDFW does not require contest banners for the engine cowling in a tournament, just that the boats be clearly identified (RCW 220-220-220-(f)6). This Chapter chooses to use the engine cowling banners for identification. They are $25 from Auburn Sports (253-833-1440) and they come in 4 sizes. Contact Tournament Co-Director
Dan for questions. Measuring sticks will be provided.


You can fill out 2 quick forms:
1. Muskies, Inc. Release Form. .
2. WDFW Aquatic Invasive Species Form

If you have had your boat in waters OUTSIDE of Washington, you will need to read and follow those instructions. Be thorough in sanitizing your boat. No one wants those invasive species in our waters.


This is a great bunch of anglers - easy going and fun - yet dedicated to the tiger hunt. Come join us!


Jeff Blume takes 1st place in Tiger Muskie Tournament on the July 20th Mayfield Event!

From Tournament Co-Chairman, Dan Fuller:

"We had a great turnout for Chapter 57 NW TIGER PAC'S Muskie Tournament on July 20! 15 Anglers in total.  Fish were everywhere but almost none to be had.  Finally after getting beat up by the heat, something clicked for two of the fisherman at 12:30 at opposite ends of the lake.  John Floyd got chased into the figure 8 at the boat and the 34 incher was sure hungry! Jeff Blume on the other hand got surprised, when a fish came flying out of the weeds and slammed his lure.  A healthy 41 to take the crown for first place.  Lots wanted to give up because it was getting hot with no action.  Persistence paid off for these two.  No 3rd place or undersized fish this time.
Hope to see everyone back in August, and then Merwin for the September tournament!"

MIKE FULLER WINS TAPPS TOURNAMENT WITH A DOUBLE!  June 15, 2019 & Happy Father's Day, Dad!

From Co-Tournament Director, (and proud son) Dan Fuller:

"We had a great tournament today on Lake Tapps with the N.W. Tiger Pac Chapter 57. There was a total of 14 anglers and 6 fish caught. Jeff Blume took 3rd place with a 38 in muskie. Jason Soderston took 2nd with a 38 3/4 in muskie, and also big fish. Mike Fuller took 1st place with 2 muskies, one 36 in and a 33 in for a total of 69 inches. Honorable mention to Mitch Jeidy with a 30 inch muskie. There was other fish to be had but unfortunately did not make their way into the net. Thanks everyone for coming out. Hope to see you all at Mayfield next month!"

Still looking for a picture of Jeff Blume's 3rd place fish....


Mike Floyd wins Mayfield Lake Tourney 5/18/2019!        Dan Fuller takes 2nd place. Congrats to both.

Mike Floyd: 34" and a 37 inch tiger muskie to win the first Tourney of the year. Dan Fuller: 33" tiger to take 2nd place!


2019 Tiger Muskies in the net, so far, from Chapter 57 Members:


Do You Know the Difference Bewteen a Muskie and a Pike? Check this out:

Adobe Acrobat document [264.8 KB]

Tiger muskies are a sterile hybrid which are stocked by WDFW. They are a much prized sport fish and they help control the rough fish population, especially northern pike minnow. (Proven through WDFW Diet Study samplings).



May 18th, Saturday -- Mayfiled Lake

June 15th, Saturday  --   Lake Tapps

July 20th, Saturday -- Mayfield Lake

August 17th, Saturday -- Mayfield Lake

September 28th, Saturday -- Merwin Reservoir




Be sure to catch President Michael Floyd's recent article in the March 2019 issue of MuskyHunter Magazine.


Lake Tapps: MIKE FULLER WINS Last Tournament for the year (2018).

OCTOBER 6, 2018: Co-Tournament Director Mike Fuller with the Tournament winning tiger muskie. 40 inches. Congrats, Mike! A few more sub 30" fish were caught and released by other members.


Thanks Again, Mike & Dan for a great  TOURNAMENT SERIES IN 2018:


May 19th .... Mayfield

June 16th .... Tapps

July 28th .... Mayfield

August 25th .... Mayfield

Sept. 22nd .... Merwin

October 6th .... Tapps




Remember to thank your  Tournament Directors. It takes early planning, attention to details and careful money managing. They volunteer their time; we are lucky to have them. Thanks, Dan & Mike

RESULTS FROM MERWIN TOURNEY. 9/22/18:        1st Place: Mike Floyd : 5 Muskies; 183" total               2nd Place: Dan Fuller : 4 Muskies; 157" & Big Fish 42.5   3rd Place: Mitch Jeidy : 1 Muskie: 38"                           4th Place: Mike Sturza: 1 Muskie: 35.25"                                                  11 Muskies  -- CONGRATS TO ALL ! 

                                    (click to enlarge & scroll)


Many Chapter members chat on this informative Facebook page:

Washington Tiger Musky Hunters

 (not affiliated with Muskies, Inc.) 


Order yours now, from Muskies, Inc.

Add your first name on front, last name on the back. The NW TIGER PAC logo is already on file with the shirt company. Be CH#57 proud - fly the colors.


(custom shirt can take up to 4 weeks to process)


Results From Mayfield Tiger Muskie Tourney on Mayfield Lake Aug. 25th:  Congrats, all!

1st Place: Mike Floyd: 37.5"

2nd Place: Jon Olsen: 34.5"

3rd Place: Jason Soderston. 32"

(2nd place fish photo coming soon)






"Anyone that's not a club member... join up! Tons of fun and lots of

good guys and gals".



CH 57 Members: Send us your photos! MUSKIES, INC. won't allow photos of fish that are under duress. Especially support them with a horizontal hold and quick release. Thank you for patiently teaching others, too; we were all new, once. (click to enlarges & scroll)                 

2018:  August/Sept./Oct.                                                          

2018 Muskies: May/June/July:

2018 Muskies: March, April, May

Joe Weisner wins Lake Tapps Tourney June 16, 2018

Full Results:

1st Place AND Big Fi$h: 38.75", Joe Weisner, Chapter #65, Utah

2nd Place: Ryan Elizondo: 37.5", Chapter #65, Utah

3rd Place: Jesse French: 37", Chapter #57, Washington

Lynn Hotchkiss, from Chapter #65,  also netted a 33.75" tiger

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL and thank you to the 19 anglers who turned out to try their luck.

(click on photos to enlarge)

Jon Olsen wins May 19, 2018 Mayfield Tourney with a 39" and a 42" Tiger Muskie. Mitch Jeidy takes 2nd with a 40" and Perry placed 3rd place with a 37". Mike Floyd also got a 32.75". All caught and released.

Helping to stock baby tiger muskie with WDFW 2018

Tiger stocking 2018, Mayfield. WDFW brought the 10"-12" esox to the lake from Meseberg Hatchery and five CH.# 57 Members were on hand to help plant. FUN! Click on the photos to enlarge.

2007- 2017 TEN YEARS STRONG!

Just a few of the Chapter members who fished the Sept. Mayfield Tournament

  September 16th: Mayfield Lake,  Last Tourney of 2017 CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!

1st Place: Mike Floyd - 35" and 45.5" = 80.5 total inches

2nd Place: Jesse French - 41" and 30" = 71 total inches

3rd Place: Joe French - 43"  = total 43 inches

(click on each photo for angler's name and fish size)








Biggest Tiger of the Year: 9/15/17: President Mike Floyd with a massive 48.25" fish. Released. Remeber WA. tigers must be 50 inches to keep. Tiger's prefered diet is northern pike minnow, which eat salmon smolt. Practicing Catch & Release helps the salmon, too.

News & Views from MUSKIE : JAN./FEB. issue Honors our President, Mike Floyd

The following is the latest monthly report about our Chapter #57 in the issue of our national magaine; MUSKIE. Past President, Miles McDonald, who is a master of the well-turned phrase, has again submitted an articulate article. Kudos to Miles and salute to our unsung Master of Esox, Michael Floyd. Take a look:

News & Views Jan.Feb2017
Miles McDonald 2017.doc
Microsoft Word document [27.5 KB]

New Tiger Muskie Lake Signs; Pete's wish fulfilled.

I am proud to announce that 50 Tiger Muskie signs (see below)  have just been ordered for all 7 Tiger lakes in WA. by Chapter #57, Muskies, Inc. Special thanks to WDFW Warm Water Manager, Bruce Bolding for his help in this endevour. Chapter #60, Spokane, will also help fund this project. 

It was ONE of the projects Pete Bergman was determined to get done. This one is for you, buddy Pete. We all miss you dude. Especially the "fishy" phone calls.

President Brett Olson and Angler of the Year, Mike Floyd, put on a Tiger Muskie Seminar at Sportsman's Warehouse Federal Way in April, 2015.

      The goals of the Chapter are to promote Tiger Muskie Fishing in the great Northwest, provide information and services to tiger muskie anglers, promote Catch, Photo and Release (CPR) where it is appropriate and to provide information to other groups about the benefits of having the sterile Tiger Muskie in Northwest lakes, as well as the proper way to handle a muskie if one is caught.

     Muskies, Inc. is a National organization, started in 1966 in Minnesota. We are their 57th Chapter. We, like them, are a non-profit 501c3 and our Chapter was started in May of 2007.