Trophy Awards 2015

President Michael Floyd, left and Tournament Co-Chairman Dan Fuller, with 2 of the massive MUSKIE trophies from 2015. These were awarded in May of 2016. Michael won LUNKER of the Year (biggest fish) and Dan won for winning the most tournies. Mike also has the honor of Angler of the Year, for putting the most fish in the net! Congrats, men!

Awards 2014

MIKE FLOYD: ANGLER OF THE YEAR - with 64 (!) fish and 2,384 inches.


DAN FULLER: TOURNAMENT CHAMPION 188.5 inches of fish from only Tournaments!


Congratulations to our top anglers for 2014! And to everyone who caught even one tiger muskie: They are not easy girls to put in the net; congrats, all. Awards Presented 4/11/2015.

Awards Ceremony for 2012: April 18, 2013

Congratulations to Mike Floyd, Pete Bergman, Dan Fuller, Tammy Ramsell Baldwin and Honorable mention to Bill Evans! Captions explaining each photo are at the bottom of the photo when "opened". President Miles McDonald (on the left in each picture) presents the Awards.

Chapter #57 Member from Ottowa, Canada, Julie Cashaback with her 55.25  St. Lawrence River Purebred Muskie. The fish made her the National Women's Champion for biggest Muskie Release for 2012.  WTG, Julie!!

Chapter Member Pete J. wins half of the $581.00 from the 50/50 Raffle in 2012!

Congratulations, Pete! & Thanks to all who helped support the Chapter and the WDFW Tiger Muskie Program.

Mike Floyd, Dan Fuller & Perry Peterson win Annual Awards

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Awards Ceremony for the year 2011

  (Held March, 2012)

March 15, 2012: Chapter #57, Muskies Inc. President, Norm Dillon, presented some spectacular trophies to 3 anglers for their accomplishments in the past season; 2011. Three of these beautiful 25"-28" trophies are the same ones used in the PMTT (Professional Musky Tournament Trail)

   MIKE FLOYD:  For the FOURTH year (2007, 2009, 2010, 2011), Mike won Angler of the Year, with an amazing 1,548 total inches from 44 Tiger Muskies (all released to grow bigger). He also took home the Lunker of the Year, for biggest fish: a hefty 48.5 inch long x 23.5 girth inch Tiger Muskie from Merwin Reservoir.

    DAN FULLER: Garnered his first TIGER PAC Trophy for Tournament Champion, for the biggest number of inches of fish caught during Tournaments.

    The Golden Bucket Award goes to the winning Chapter between 57 & 60. It is a humble, yet coveted, specially designed trophy that is earned by one of the two Muskies, Inc. Chapters in Washington each year at Curlew Lake. Past CH. 60 President Craig Dowdy, designed and built the award, patterned after the old and much revered, M.I. "Bucket Trophy" from the 40+ Chapters Challunge in the Midwest, held annually. Dan Fuller caught two (85.75 total inches) fish at the Curlew T., which ensured a win for the Chapter in the good-natured, cross-state rivalry with Chapter 60, Spokane. Perry also shared in the Golden Bucket celebration by adding his 43.5 tiger at Curlew. (Challunge Total for CH.57: 129.85 inches).

    PERRY PETERSON:  Past International Muskies, Inc. Vice-President, Past Chapter President and helped pioneer the 1st & 2nd M.I. Chapters in Wa., was awarded the Sportsman of the Year Award for his continued dedication to the Chapter and for his steadfast integrity in ensuring its success. Until he was recently injured, he sustained personal contacts with 38 sponsors and acquired hundreds of donations, not the least of which is the 51.5 LAX Fiberglass Reproduction, which is proudly on display at the Chapter's main events throughout the year.  

Awards Ceremony for the year 2010

      (Held April, 2011)

Awards Ceremony for 2009

(Held in March 2010)

Awards Ceremony for 2008

(Held in March 2009)

Awards Ceremony for the Year 2007

(Held Feb 2008)

Chapter #57 of Muskies, Inc. presented Jack with a plaque and this surprise video, below. Special thanks Sharon, who provided the photos for video:)