Tiger Photos from summer, 2014 ▼▼...

Pete Bergman has been teaching young Ben Simpson, age 7, about Tigers. Ben got this handsome 41 incher on his own. Ben also owns Buddy; the Dog always with Pete. Please keep them all in your prayers, because Buddy has gone missing.

Brett Olson is not only a veteran tiger angler, he has perfected some of the most amazing photos will catching & releasing these wily fish, usually by himself. For the full spectrum of these shots, be sure to enlarge them!        Set 1

Set 2

Mike Floyd with a Lake Tapps Tiger: 39.25 inches. Mid-Sept.

Miker Floyd added 3 more fish on Sept. 9-11, 2014. That is a 30.25 in the net and a 33.25 in the next photo. Check out the fat girth on the last pix: 44incher with a healthy appetite!

Pete Bergman has been busy, again, mostly down on Merwin:

Sept.5th Report from member Mike Crisanti, Jr: He caught and released 22 tigers in August: with 11 of them over 40 inches; WTG, Mike! 

Mike Floyd reports 10 tigers caught and released on Merwin between Aug. 21 to 23rd and ranging from 35 to almost 46 inches! While #8 comes in at the longest at 45.75 !! inches, check out #10, below. What a fantastic tiger.

Pete Bergman had another busy weekend on Aug. 16 & 17. Check out his success on Merwin:  WTG, Pete!

Scott Boxman says: "We" (Scott, Bryant Peterson and Oliver Signs) caught these 2 tigers": a 42" and a 41.5 on Mayfiled. Aug. 12 Congrats all!

Mike Floyd just had another great 2 days on Merwin on Aug. 8th & 9th: 7 Tigers! Ranging from 33" to 46.25", with 4 over 40"......40.25, 43.5, 45 and 46.25. Congrats, Mike!  ▼▼▼

M.I. Member from New York,  Mike Crisanti Jr.,  with a 40 incher. Mike has been fishing Merwin and Mayfield steady the last few weeks and likes our NW Tigers! He has more photos coming, too: a 43" and his personal best: a 45.5 x 21 from Merwin. He is the newest CH. #57 Member, too! 

◄ Veteran Tiger angler, Brett Olson, with a nice 40 incher!

(Scroll down the website for some of Brett's fine camera work, too).

◄ Mayfield Lake authority, Jack Tipping,  with a 43 incher in July!

▼ Mike Floyd had another two busy days in late July: Tigers ranged in size from  31.5 to 40.25 inches. That’s a little 31.5” in the net. He had 17 bites on that Friday and says he missed a ton of fish. They are out there!! ▼

Pete Bergman has been busy! Some captions have details... ▼

◄ Mike Floyd, July 12th

Mike Floyd: 45.25", 46.75", 35.0" and 35.25"..in that order. (Late June) ▼

Some nice camera shots from Brett Olson.  ▼ Click to enlarge. Esp. the 1st .

Mike Floyd. 41.75 on Mayfield

Mike Floyd had a 7- fish day on Mayfield in June! ▼

Brett Olson, Mike Floyd and Pete Berman all caught & released Tigers earlier this spring, 2014. ▼