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  1. Mail your application to the main office: Muskies, Inc. P.O. Box 1509 Waukesha, Wisconsin  53187-1509.  It can take up to 6 weeks to process because it is combined with your MUSKIE magazine subscription.
  2. Please ALSO send an email to the local Secretary  of Chapter #57, so we can get you on our email list ASAP.


...........WHY JOIN MUSKIES, INC?........

 (Besides getting to see YOUR muskie photo in the national magazione!)



Below you will see many reasons as to why joining Muskies, Inc. is a great thing on a National level. Joining a Chapter has so many other benefits on a local level as well. The Members in our Chapters are down to earth, out going, considerate, fun people to be around. We have anglers from all walks of life, experienced fishermen and a few who are yet to catch their first Tiger Muskie. 

Joining Muskies, Inc. NW TIGER PAC, Chapter #57 or Mountain Muskies, Chapter #60,   is a great way to meet other Muskie anglers here in the NW, get discounts on lures and gear direct from the manufacturers, attend Member exclusive tournaments and gatherings, etc... But most importantly, being a Member assures your voice and opinion will be valued and expressed as a group. 

So join Muskies Inc for the great magazines, website, clinics, and local benefits. Join for the friendships, the gatherings and fun, but remember... we really want you to join Muskies, Inc. because you support and appreciate the dedication our Chapters have for the Northwest’s most unique fishery, TIGER MUSKIES!!!


    Muskies, Inc. invites you to become a part of our International fellowship of anglers who enjoy fishing for the elusive, majestic muskie...a fish considered to be the most exciting of all fresh water species. Muskie’s Inc. International has several memberships to offer, Regular 1 year @ $45.00. Regular Junior Membership $30.00 and Family Membership @ $57.50.
    Muskies, Inc. is an active, service-oriented, non-profit organization for men, women and children with the single focus of improving the sport of muskie fishing everywhere the fish are found. Founded in 1966 by Gil Hamm, the original group of thirteen avid muskie fishermen concentrated on continual improvement of the muskie resource through rearing and stocking efforts and sound conservation practices.
    Muskies, Inc. is widely recognized as the first organized group of sports anglers to espouse the "Catch and Release" practice now embraced by many conservation minded groups throughout North America. Today Muskies, Inc. focuses on three critical areas:

YOUTH - Muskies, Inc. provides guidelines and suggestions for quality programs and activities to educate our young members and, where possible, youth in general to ensure the future of the fishery.

FISHERIES - Muskies, Inc. works to conserve, protect and restore North America's muskie fisheries. Areas of concern include habitat preservation, water quality, water management policies, and developing and maintaining self-sustaining fish populations.

RESEARCH - Muskies, Inc. continues to seek out elevate and fund research for local projects and activities involved in improving muskie fisheries. 

    By joining Muskies, Inc. you will become a member of one of our 56 independent local chapters throughout the country. The Muskies, Inc. website includes muskie information as well as an on-line store. Members also have access to areas of the website that include bulletin boards, a database of more then 185,000 catches with statistics that can be displayed by lures, lakes, time of year, etc., special discounts on hotels and car rentals, and information from other chapters and members.
    Each Muskies, Inc. household receives our monthly magazine, MUSKIE, featuring tips, techniques, and travel ideas, as well as product information, member photos, and local chapter and tournament reports. Stories and articles in MUSKIE are written by members for members with information for new and experienced alike.

Purpose of Muskies, Inc.


  • To promote a high quality of Muskellunge sport fishery
  • To support selected conservation practices based on scientific merit and to carried out by authorized federal and state agencies
  • To promote Muskellunge research
  • To establish hatcheries and rearing ponds and introduce the species into suitable waters
  • To support the abatement of water pollution
  • To maintain records of habits, growth, and range of species
  • To disseminate Muskellunge information
  • To promote good fellowship and sportsmanship among men, women and children

                 Visit our International website MUSKIES, INC.

Muskies, Inc. history

Muskies, Inc. was founded December 9, 1966 by Gil Hamm, a 62 year old building contractor from St Paul, Minnesota. Gil and thirteen others, Gary Bennyhoff, Richard D. Hammond, Robert Farinacci, Maurice Hurley, Gerald Palmer, James Peterson, Wally Wilbert, Richard Chapman, Rodric Guindon, Charles Huver, Arnold Lindall, Harold Meir, and Eric Rehnwall made up the original members. The first Board of Directors meeting of Muskies, Inc. was held February 28, 1967, at Gil Hamm's office in St. Paul, MN. Articles of Incorporation had been filed and subsequently the I.R.S. granted Muskies, Inc. a non-profit exemption under Section 501(c) (3) of the I.R.S. Code.

Later, one of the Board members, Darrell Trumbauer owned a bait shop and a commercial minnow hatchery at Battle Lake, Minnesota. This facility was to become a Muskies, Inc. rearing pond for muskies and a stocking program that over the years exceeded a $1,000,000.00 in value to the Minnesota DNR. The efforts of Muskies, Inc. to raise muskies in these ponds continued until 1980 when the ponds were drained primarily due to increasing costs of operation and water quality. Over the years as many as six chapters of Muskies, Inc. have established rearing ponds. Their members have spent considerable efforts to raise muskies for stocking around the states.

In 1978 Muskies, Inc. went on a campaign to establish chapters around the area and Larry Ramsell established fourteen new chapters. The Board of Directors took Muskies, Inc. to a new level and became an International Organization. The first Chapter Challunge was held in Minocqua in October of 1977. The Illinois Muskie Hunters challenged all chapters to a tournament Fargo/Moorhead won the "Challunge"

In April of 1979 the Muskies, Inc. "Newsletter" took on the new format of a magazine.

In 1984 Muskies, Inc. in conjunction with the American Fisheries Society, put on an International Symposium on Muskellunge. World experts on the subject were brought together at one location to develop beneficial relationships and exchange ideas. The Symposium endeavored to emphasize trophy aspects for the species and to accent unique biological characteristics and attendant management problems. The papers presented and the proceedings were published in a hard bound 372 page book entitled "Managing Muskies". This was a major undertaking and there were literally thousands of hours of volunteer time committed to this Symposium.

1984 was a great year and a not so great year. The Symposium was a tribute to Muskies, Inc. but, on November 8th Gil Hamm passed away after a series of heart attacks.

The membership of Muskies, inc. has been active with tagging studies, negotiations with Indian spearing issues, youth fishing, involvement in Camp Fish, publishing an excellent magazine for the members, developing research projects, tabulating muskies released by members tournaments among member chapters, etc.

1991 was Muskies, Inc. 25th Anniversary year. The Saturday night Banquet was highlighted by the first ten persons to ever be inducted into the Muskies, Inc. Hall of Fame. Today Muskies, Inc. boasts 56 Chapters in 16 States and a membership exceeding 6,800. Although this historical review of Muskies, Inc. has been sketchy, suffice it to say that Muskies, Inc. has done considerable work in increasing the image of the muskellunge as a trophy sportfish and in particular in its conservation efforts to promote the "catch and release" philosophy among it's membership. Today Muskies, Inc is the premier muskie fishing organization in the world. This organization has become a b and resourceful partner of state conservation management departments in many of the states where muskies are found. Today there are 35 of the lower 48 states with muskie populations and muskie fisheries management programs being conducted by state DNR's.