JOHN FLOYD wins Merwin Tourney with a Personal Best of 47.5 inches! 8/29/15

Proud Dad Mike also put a 30+ incher in the net. As did Mike Fuller. We opened the Tourney at Speelyai Bay, with a nod to Pete Bergman,  by throwing flowers out into the lake as Mike Haw softly trolled out into open water. It was beautiful. Said a few prayers and different boats went to different parts of the lake to throw rememberances of Pete, too. The flowers stayed afloat all day. Nice. We all thought he was checking out the fish, below. Some saw a water funnel trying to form later, by Cresap. Spooky wind all day, with mighty gusts in the PM.

Had a great time at Lone Fir Resort later that night around the campfire. Nice to have the shelter with the heavy rains. Even Tammy & Kelsey found a cabin after being "homeless". Good Memories.