Chapter 60 (Spokane) President Doug Wood made this video at the Tiger Muskie Hatchery in Meseberg.

Tips on How to Flyfish for Tigers: .Chapter Member Ed Walzer and WDFW

Jack Tipping

Jack Tipping, retired 30 year Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist, successfully introduced the first Tiger Muskies into Mayfield Lake in 1988. Chapter #57, of Muskies, Inc. honored Jack with this video and a Commorative Plaque. (2008)

How to Release - By Will Schultz



Will Schultz is a member and Officer in the North Metro  M.I. Chapter #2 out of Minnesota.

In the video he quickly demonstrates the catch, photo and proper release of a muskie. He then explains the importance of having the right tools to get the job done properly to ensure a safe and clean release – for both fish AND angler!

Trent's First Muskie!

Trent caught & released a nice    incher at the Merwin Tournament on Oct. 6, 2012. There was lots of excitement in the boat!

Keyes Outdoors Muskie Videos,

Muskies, Inc, Sponsor

Click on the link above to see Muskie Videos Produced by Keyes Outdoors, with Muskies, Inc. as Sponsor.


Silver Lake Tournament

Marc Martyn, outdoor video aficiondo, produced this video of Chapter #57's Tiger Muskie Tounament on Silver Lake, near Spokane. Thank you, Marc!

(Marc & Don provided commentary)

 (Special thanks to for their excellent video gallery and to Adam Rafferty at

for providing his fine music.)


Bill Green with Mike Carey

Bill Green is interviewed by Mike Carey, from on beautiful Lake Tapps in Pierce County, WA. Bill is a founding Member of Chapter #57, Muskies, Inc.

Curlew Lake Tiger Snorkeling

Chapter members Mike and Dan Fuller were so lucky to catch this video. They did not have much time and the tiger was there, then gone, so watch it twice! For no known reason, they cruise on the top of the water and snorkle around for a bit; checking out their domain. It is rare to see, but it happenes now and then, especially at Curlew.

Archived Footage - Mayfield 1991

Mayfield Lake, WA. in 1991. Archived coverage of the WDFW and Jack boat shocking the lake to conduct the TM fish survey, after being planted for 3 years.

And today, 23 years later, the program has been a proven success, due to the support of the WDFW... and Muskies, Inc!

Hooks can be serious trouble. Be sure to see the column on this webpage called "Safety, Safety, Safety", too.