Chapter Member's kids can catch fish!


 Hello Fellow Anglers,

Today's Cub Scout Day of Fishing at Bradley Lake Park in Puyallup was a HUGE SUCCESS and I want to personally THANK Each and every person that volunteered their time and resources to make this what it was. A HUGE Thanks goes out to Miles McDonald, Pete Jensen, Joe French and his Son, Jani K, Mike & Dan Fuller, Blake Purdum, Darryl Wegter and last but certainly not least Norm Dillon and the Support of Chapter 57 NW TIGER PAC Muskie's Inc.

To all those that helped in sponsoring our event such as Wholesale Sports and Outdoors and the Seattle CGEA I want to also personally put out a BIG THANK YOU for helping us with making this such a GREAT Event! You all ROCK!!! and I am so proud to have had the opportunity to work with all of you to make this such a memorable day for Cub Scout Pack 478!!!

Some of the Scouts were able to fish for the VERY First Time Ever so this was definitely a BIG DEAL for them, they were so Grateful for the gear and the AWESOME FOOD!!! They are already wanting to go fishing again, so hopefully we can do this again sometime down the road and make it even better, hopefully the Sun will be our friend next time!

Once I start receiving pictures from the event I will certainly ensure to get them posted so that everyone can see them.





On American Lake with Terry Rudnick of the WDFW

Muskies, Inc. CH 57 was glad to help out at American Lake on Saturday.
Terry Rudnick, Youth Sport Fishing Coordinator from Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, organized 600 young anglers (100 at a time) for an introduction to rainbows!
Even though it was 10 hours from start to finish (these things don't "just happen”) the time flew by. Mostly because Terry kept us charged up and laughing.
It was especially rewarding, for me, to see so many young girls trying their hand at catching fish.
The squeals of disgust over having to put the worm on the hook, gave way to squeals of delight when they came face to face with Mr. Trout. What a hoot. They came to the lakeside, timid and not quite sure... an left... empowered.
Who knows where that little spark can go?
Giving back to the community and helping out the WDFW and teaching the anglers of tomorrow are some of the best reasons to belong to a group of fishermen and to
So glad I got to be part of it.
If you have not done one of these, I HIGHLY recommend it, especially now that WDFW is in more need of volunteers..
The pictures below say it best: do you remember your first time fishing?? 

Cast For Kids Event - Sept. 2008

"Catch A Special Thrill" (CAST) has been successfully organized by Jim Owns for many years. They do a wonderful job for these kids with specail needs.

     Special thanks to Buddy, Rosann, Bill, Perry & Jani for helping out with this important event. It was a BIG turnout, with lots of salmon guys there, too. The kids had a GREAT time.